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Cheltenham Borough Homes

Social Housing - Cheltenham Borough Homes
Cheltenham Borough HomesCheltenham Borough Homes identified a large number of their properties that had not been insulated through previous cavity wall programmes, either because they were blocks of flats with mixed tenure, or required difficult access.

Funding was secured through the Social Housing Energy Saving Programme (SHESP) for a value of approximately £400,000 to treat 1,300 properties.

Anglian Building Products were awarded a contract to undertake cavity wall insulation works with the insulation blown into the cavity using specialist equipment. Extensive scaffolding and protection was used, as works were undertaken to 3-4 storey blocks some of which included retail premises. Detailed programming ensured that disruption was minimised.

'Anglian were able to survey,programme and complete the contract within a three month timescale meeting the funding residents warmer homes and Cheltenham Borough Homes gained accurate stock condition information for their properties.'

Stephen Preece
Director of Insulation Services, Anglian Building Products.

Contract details

Project:  Insulation to social housing properties
Client:  Cheltenham Borough Homes
Product Specification:  Cavity wall insulation

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Cheltenham Borough Homes Cheltenham Borough HomesCheltenham Borough Homes