Employment and Training

Employment and Training
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To reach the top in any industry is a great achievement and maintaining that position year-on-year demands total dedication to quality, customer services and an on-going investment both in our people and the latest technology.

As a service-focused, person to person business, we need people who enjoy being part of a team. Every day we face a different challenge and therefore believe that by employing the right balance of people with varied skills and experiences, we can continue to deliver an effective service for both our customers and our people.

Our proven track record in retaining key personnel helps maintain our strong cultural values and also forms a solid base to facilitate our ongoing business improvement activities. We have an ongoing commitment to deliver apprenticeships to support all long-term projects.

Investors in People

As a fully accredited Investor in People organisation, we are committed to the continual development of our workforce through strategically delivered training programmes.

Our people strategy is at the core of our business values and we are continuing to heavily invest in our programme of people development across the whole spectrum of staff, from junior to the board and from practical on site labour to those involved in technical and management positions.

“The Investors in People programme is something we believe in as part of our business culture. We intend to develop and build upon the programme to benefit both our staff and customers alike.” – Steve Pollard, Managing Director

Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI)

Anglian are proud to be members of the ENEI. They are the UK’s leading employer network, set up to support employers on all aspects of equality and inclusion issues within the workplace through incorporation of Employers Forum on Age, Employers Forum on Belief and Employers 4 Fathers.

By being a member of ENEI we receive best practice advice and guidance on equality and human rights within our organisation. This helps us develop an inclusive, healthy and supportive workplace. We have found the benefits include a happier workforce with improved performance and greater levels of retention.

Mindful Employer

Anglian Building Products have joined the Mindful Employer initiative, as we are committed to increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing ongoing support for our employees.

We understand that mental ill health can come with a lot of stigma attached to it and is quite often an area of fear for many. At Anglian Building Products we encourage our employees to disclose mental ill health information and concerns without the worry of prejudice or rejection.

We are committed to supporting our employees with mental health issues as we believe that employees with mental health issues can and do stay in work.

Creating a healthy working environment by working with our employees to reduce stress levels means that sickness levels are reduced, productivity is improved and most importantly our employees are happier.

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