Anglian Building Products’ Environmental Management System has been accredited to ISO 14001.


Anglian have been recycling both factory waste and 1st generation PVCu windows for many years. 1st generation is the name for old PVCu windows which are being replaced.

Whilst the frames are normally intact the glazing system may be low security and often single glazed, also the locking mechanism might be fairly basic. Our clients have decided to replace them to improve the security and energy efficiency. Where practical our in-house Transport Department return these frames back to Norwich for onwards recycling, in other situations the frames are collected by a local recycling company and then reprocessed.

Where do we use recycled material?

The uses are controlled by BS EN ISO 12609. The placement of the recycled material varies depending on the recycled material colour and only window grade materials are allowed back into our products. We use it only in hidden areas, it is often used as a base over which a new PVCu skin is applied. Until recently this has been largely limited to the 150 mm external cill, but now this has been extended to the White Knight outer frame profile. This is the highest runner used in our factories. This now means that a typical window has a recycled content of around 25%.

The image below shows the new frame section, a green pigment has been added to the recycled material for illustration purposes.