Gatwick Airport – Domestic Noise Insulation Scheme

Gatwick Airport

This is the first scheme launched by Gatwick since the change of ownership in 2009 and is both more generous and flexible than the previous scheme.

The scheme provides a contribution of £3000 per eligible homeowner towards the cost of noise insulation measures which include double glazed windows, doors and acoustic loft insulation. Individual homeowners have the flexibility to select the products that best suit their situation along with the option for additional measures at the pre-negotiated competitive rates.

Eligibility is determined by the location of each property against a scheme boundary which is based on both geographical and noise contour criteria.

Gatwick Airport have selected Anglian to deliver the works following a rigorous procurement exercise.

The works will be undertaken in phases across the scheme boundary area and Anglian will be contacting eligible homeowners to invite them to participate.