Information Guides

Residents Information Handbook

When appointed on a project we will provide you with a Resident Information Handbook.

This Resident Information Handbook provides you with an overview of the improvements that we will be making to your home.

The key sections are:
• Our resident’s charter
• Commonly asked questions and answers
• How to recognise our staff
• Aftercare

It is available in a range of formats, including large font and language translations.

The handbook is supplemented by an accompanying letter outlining the project team’s contact details, specific information outlining the scope of works and also resident’s choices where applicable.

Resident Information HandbookExternal Wall Insulation












Caring for your Anglian Products

Whilst our products are designed to be virtually maintenance free, correct use together with regular cleaning and a few simple preventative maintenance measures will help prolong their lifespan. On all window and door projects we provide each resident a copy of our Operating, Cleaning and Maintenance Guide. For External Wall Insulation projects please refer to the relevant section of the Resident Information Handbook.

A full Operations and Maintenance File is provided to the client in accordance with the CDM Regulations. Our after sales department is available to provide support as required.

Operation Care and MaintenanceQuality of Vision, Insulating Glass UnitsCondensation, some causes and advice.