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Survey stage | Installation stage

Survey stage

Do I need to be at home?
Yes, someone over the age of 18 must be there both at the survey and installation stages.

What is the survey process?
Our surveyor will need access to all the window or door openings. We take both inside and outside measurements of each opening. We use these sizes so that your products are custom-made.

What else do you look at?
We look at the area near the windows or doors to identify any obstructions or existing damage.

What happens if some of my windows and/or doors have already been replaced?
We will check their condition and tell the landlord so they can make a decision.

What product choices are available?
We will tell you about any choice options in your survey appointment letter. We will also give you a form to fill in. Please have this ready to hand to our surveyor when they visit.

What if I have some special needs?
Please tell us on the enclosed form and we will try to meet them. We will treat your needs sensitively and in confidence.

Why is the surveyor checking my contact details?
It is important that we have your latest information, including alternative contacts if this applies, so we can arrange appointments efficiently.

What happens after the survey?
This depends on the specific details of the project and the contract we have with your landlord. We may have to confirm the costs or get planning approval before starting to make your windows or doors.

Installation stage

How will I know when my windows or doors are ready to be installed?
We will contact you to make an appointment.

What happens if the appointment is inconvenient?
Please let us know and we will agree a new date that suits you.

Do I need to be there?
Yes, someone over the age of 18 needs to be present throughout the installation.

What time will the installers arrive?
We will normally arrive between 8am and 9am, unless we tell you otherwise.

What do I need to do to get ready for the work?

Please move curtains, blinds, furniture and valuables away from the work areas. If you need help, do not worry, our installers will help.

How long will the installation take?
This depends on the number of windows or doors being replaced. We will let you know when we arrange the installation appointment. Usually, it will take between one and two working days.

We will:

  • record any existing damage to your property
  • plan with you which order we will do the rooms in, making sure you always have an area which is warm, comfortable and safe
  • check that the sizes of the new windows or doors are correct before starting
  • make sure that curtains, blinds, furniture and valuables are away from the work areas
  • use clean dust sheets and carpet protector inside your home and groundsheets outside
  • carefully remove the old frames and fit the new products
  • make any necessary adjustments to make sure your new windows and doors are operating correctly
  • seal the openings both inside and out and fit cover strips to mask any damage
  • remove the protective film from your new windows and doors and clean the frames and glass
  • clear up each room, removing tools, equipment, materials and waste, and
  • make sure that your windows and doors are fault-free.

Will you help move back furniture, and so on?
Yes, we will help you as needed.

Will you demonstrate the features of the new windows or doors?
Yes, we will show you how to operate the products and explain the features such as restrictors, easy-clean hinges and ventilators.

How do I look after my new windows or doors?
Our installers will give you a copy of our Operating, cleaning and maintenance guide.

What happens if you are unable to complete the installation?
We will explain the nature of the problem and the likely timescales. We will make sure your home is made safe and secure. We will contact you to make a further appointment to complete the installation.

How do I give feedback on the installation?
We will ask you to confirm on a property completion report that you:

You can add any comments you may have.

We will also send you a Freepost customer satisfaction survey to fill in and return. Please post this back to us as your views are important to us.  You can also fill this in online, click here.

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