Rooftrim – Fascia, Soffit and Rainwater Goods

Produced to our own specifications, the Anglian Rooftrim range is designed and manufactured to complement the highly successful range of windows and doors.

Our PVC-U products are extruded using a combination of two materials:

  • Foamed PVC-U core; and
  • A durable high gloss outer skin of rigid PVC-U, or acrylic alloy for specialised applications.

Co-extruded at high temperature and pressure in our own manufacturing plant. Once cooled, protective tape is applied and the products cut to standard lengths.


Interlock at right angles to the soffits and support the gutters. Replacement fascias can match any existing fascia up to 240mm high, and the 5m length means that joinery is kept to a minimum. Where joints are required, purpose designed trims lock the lengths of the fascia together neatly yet firmly. The cellular core at the centre of the the fascia will grip traditional fixings more securely than the softwood versions they replace.


Just like traditional tongue and groove boarding, our soffits can be built to any size of projection. At least one of the boards in a length will include a special ventilation grille.


These look like wood and are fitted in the same way, using highest marine grade four stainless steel pins. The main section is 10mm across with strengthening ribs at the rear taking the overall thickness to 20mm. Where the bargeboards meet the fascias at the box ends, a special jointing clip ensures a tight, weatherproof seal.

Guttering and Downpipes

The sleek, contemporary design compliments new soffits, fascias and bargeboards. There is a choice of round or square line in white, brown, black or grey finish.


We haveĀ developedĀ our range of cladding over many years. Manufactured in our own state of the art manufacturing plant giving reassurance of a product of consistent quality and visual appeal. Retaining colour and shape and as with all Anglian’s rooftrim products, require minimal maintenance.


Rooftrim - Fascia, Soffit and Rainwater goods
Rooftrim - Fascia, Soffit and Rainwater goods