Announcing Anglian Building Products as Social Value Pioneers

We are proud to announce we are the latest Social Value Pioneers with Social Value UK.

Anglian Building Products provide a first class product and service package to our clients, whilst focusing on a long term commitment to Social Value. Our commitment aims to strengthen and support communities by focusing on the wider context of economic, social and environmental impacts.

We believe that social value is about achieving maximum value, and by working with our clients they can support community initiatives and ensure maximum social value is being achieved for the areas in which we work.

Why is social value is important?

We recognise the importance of meeting our Social Value Act and Corporate Social Responsibility obligations, and have an established track record of supporting sustainable community initiatives. Building open and honest relationships with all our stakeholders is one of our top priorities.

What projects have we started since you joining Social Value UK? 

In order to develop our Social Value commitment, we have embarked on an initiate to openly communicate and educate our in house team. In addition we have a number of on going activities which compliment our SV offer.

  • Including:
  • CV writing
  • Interview Training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Flexible Appointments for residents
  • Job advertising
  • Local school and college visits to give career talks / mock interviews
  • Attending career & employment days to promote local job opportunities
  • Workplace visits
  • Volunteering
  • Refurbishment works to communal buildings
  • Accessibility options available on our website
  • Donations or in-kind contributions to local projects

What are our plans for our SVUK membership?

We hope to be able to use our membership to the fullest. We wish to promote our business and membership with SVUK through various media channels and take advantage of the membership benefits, such as holding in-house workshops and training.

We will promote our membership involvement via our website, social media platforms, exhibitions and conferences. We will also keep the business informed with the introduction of in house advice and training sessions, along with circulating the SVUK newsletters

We plan to work towards achieving Level 1 of the Social Value Certificate, as well as making use of all online resourceswebinarsregional meetings and training available. 

Jessica Perks, Social Value and Marketing Manager stated, “We are excited to be building on our commitment which will support our development plans and strengthen the communities within which we operate. By renewing our membership and becoming a Social Value Pioneer, we further commit to enhancing our Social Value status”.