Regular, careful cleaning of your Anglian products is needed to prevent the build-up of everyday grime and atmospheric pollutants and help prolong their life.

Please clean your frames with plenty of clean, warm soapy water (washing up liquid is suitable), and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. The need for cleaning will vary depending on where your windows are and environmental conditions in your area. In general, we recommend that your windows and doors are cleaned at least once every three months.

Please do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.

Please do not use any type of harsh cleaning agents such as bleach, solvents (for example, white spirits, cellulose thinners, nail varnish remover), aerosol products such as WD40®, automotive dashboard wipes, acids, brick wash solutions or alkalis.

Please do not use too much pressure when cleaning, for example, pressure washers.

Please do not paint.

Please do not add oil to the gearbox as this will dissolve the grease and reduce the life span of the lock.

You should keep the surfaces of the lock, striker and keep clear of dust and dirt by wiping with a clean, damp cloth.

fire door dead locking hook

Deadbolt locking hook.

latch and deadbolt

Latch and deadbolt.

Striker and Keep



Problems closing the door

Is the door almost closed?

  • Check there is nothing in the frame preventing the door from closing.
  • Make sure the handle has been full pressed down and released before closing the door.

Seals around the door are to be kept intact.

The letter box is fire-rated. If it is damaged please tell us immediately as it must be replaced with a fire-rated version.

Keep the door closed at all times as it will restrict the spread of any fire.

Fire door hinges are made with self-lubricating material and do not need oiling.