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Project Management

Project Management

With almost 60 years in the industry, we fully understand client’s needs and our strong project management skills, together with our passion for customer service, ensures that projects are delivered on time and to budget.

We’ve built our excellent reputation on being much more than a manufacturing and installing building envelope solutions. Through our Construction Design Management team, we can handle all the professional, design, technical, manufacturing and installations services that cover the requirements of a detailed and complex project, while adhering to stringent regulations and guidelines.

We are continuously looking at new ways to add value in everything we do throughout our infra-structure, our manufacturing processes and how we deliver contracts. Our differentiators span every dimension of sustainability and efficiency to help our customers improve the way they procure and deliver refurbishment and newbuild projects.



Our logistics cover national installation centres, warehouses and office locations around the UK via our long-established specialist and extensive distribution network that means we can touch all four corners of the UK.  For complex, large scale or geographically spread projects our distribution network can be flexed in order to meet the changing demands and locations, so we deliver on time again and again. 

Our environmental credentials are enhanced by using our coveted vehicles and warehousing meaning no packing and therefore no packaging waste to distribute and store the products.    As vehicle technology improves, we are always exploring ways to make our fleet delivery more sustainable. To reduce our Carbon Footprint on any project, through our central control hub we carefully select and monitor transportation movements to reduce fuel consumption and engine emissions.  


We carry out all work to the highest possible standards, using only fully qualified Technicians to install windows, doors and external wall insulation. All our Technicians complete a pre installation checklist before commencing with the installation process and conform to the highest standards of work and health and safety at all times. We ensure minimum disruption to building occupants and, where possible, comply with any specific requests. This professional, customer focused approach has gained praise from both clients and residents. Feedback is invaluable to us, and we are continually reviewing our practices to ensure we deliver the highest quality products and services for all out stakeholders.


By choosing Anglian you can be assured that you have chosen an environmentally conscious organisation, which can be evidenced by our ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS procedures outline how we ensure that all environmental aspects are identified together with their impacts, and how appropriate control measures and monitoring activities are implemented. Products are designed to be recycled easily at the end of their 35+ year lifecycle. We do not use co-extruded gaskets, other than for beads. This means that our frames can be deconstructed, and materials used with little contamination.

Every year we ensure thousands of tonnes of waste materials are professionally recycled. We work tirelessly to ensure we achieve our target of diverting a minimum of 95% of this waste material away from landfill each year.

We have made a significant investment in expanding our recycling facility in Norwich to allow us to bring first generation products back to decant all materials and recycle the frame into future products.


Anglian have been recycling both factory waste and 1st generation PVC-U windows for many years. 1st generation is the name for old PVC-U windows which are being replaced. Whilst the 1st generation frames are normally still functional, the glazing system may be low security and many of the windows are single glazed, also the locking mechanism is often very basic. Our clients have decided to replace them to improve the security and energy efficiency. We will either return these frames back to Norwich for onwards recycling, or work with a local recycling specialist depending on the project logistics. We use the PVC-U recycled material on a very controlled basis. We use advanced co-extrusion techniques to produce sections with virgin material in critical areas and recycled material elsewhere. The images to the right show example frame sections, and the green pigment illustrates where the recycled material is used. The uses are controlled by BS EN ISO 12609. The placement of the recycled material varies depending on the recycled material colour and only window grade materials are allowed back into our products. We use it only in hidden areas, it is often used as a base over which a new PVC-U skin is applied. Historically this was limited to non-core products and ancillary sections, this has however, been extended to the high running White Knight casement window profiles. These images show example frame sections, a green pigment has been added to illustrate the recycled material.

Factory Image 600x400


We have extensive in-house manufacturing facilities, which offer us greater quality, time and cost control over client projects. We design and extrude the PVC-U profile in-house, this contrasts with most of our competitors who buy in profile from various external suppliers. We also cut, toughen, and process glass in-house to produce our own double-glazed units, which again gives us full control of quality. We then manufacture the components into the finished products. All products are made-to-measure to suit an individual window aperture; we do not manufacture standard sizes for stock.


Your products will be made right here in Britain. The ‘Made in Britain’ marque is more than just a label, it’s a sign of unbeatable quality and craftsmanship. When you see a product carrying this logo you can be sure that it’s been made to the highest standards, supporting our local economy and sustaining further UK manufacturing. We offer both double and triple glazing options and utilise a range of thermal enhancements to provide windows with high Window Energy Rating performance.

Social Value

We are committed to creating and developing strong links with the communities within which we operate, providing a legacy of social, economic, and environmental benefits.

We recognise the importance of meeting our Corporate Social Responsibilities and have an established track record of supporting sustainable community initiatives. Building open and honest relationships with all of our stakeholders is one of our top priorities.


We are a national company that understands the importance of servicing local needs. We can easily accommodate over 100 live contracts at any one time across the UK, serviced by local structures and resources, with national support.

As a large and well-established company, we are able to draw on our extensive resources and buying power through our supply chain, to deliver large, medium, and small localised projects, efficiently and accurately across multiple sites at any one time.

By utilising our 100 installation centres and working with our experienced distribution partner, we give you the confidence that we can easily upscale capacity if required to meet to demand.

As a company we continue to invest in our people, facilities, and business. We are proud to have our own in-house manufacturing plant, which can meet the demands of over 50,000 installs per annum.

Support Services

We are much more than a manufacturer and installation company. Our integrated support services offer you a completely optimised package, simplifying operations and allowing for a more streamline delivery.

We offer:

  • Design, research, and development
  • Our own survey functions
  • Planning application facility
  • Asbestos management


We are continuously looking at new ways to add value in everything we do for our clients, from how we manufacture our products through to how we deliver contracts.