Gravesend Grammar School - Educating for the Future

Educating for the Future

Anglian Building Products Supporting Gravesend Careers Event  


Anglian Building Products are proud to promote career opportunities to engage and inspire future generations to help alleviate the growing skills shortage that exists within our industry.


Gravesend Grammar School invited Anglian to share career guidance to their students in July 2021 at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education. Students of Gravesend received insight to apprenticeship programmes, graduate schemes and entry level roles which exist within the Anglian group inspiring these young adults and providing informed choices to start their career paths.


A spokesperson from Gravesend Grammar School says “Anglian’s presentation was a great example for our students to see the wide variety of opportunities that exist at Anglian, which would have previously been unknown to them. We really appreciate Anglian’s contribution to help bring to life the careers at work activity we do with our Year 12 students, connecting their current research and choices to the job opportunities of the future.”

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