Mock-interview preparations for Students at Riddlesdown Collegiate

Mock interviews are a great way for students to prepare for the world of work. On the 16th January, Employees at Anglian Building Products (ABP) volunteered their time to support Riddlesdown Collegiate’s Year 10 students with a Mock Interview Day.

In total 320 students took part in the activity and got the chance to meet a number of professionals from various industries. The aim of the day was for students to gain confidence in writing CV’s and cover letter and to understand how to perform in an interview.

Caroline Knox, Career Leader at Riddlesdown Collegiate commented, “I am very grateful to Tim and Michelle at Anglian for volunteering their time to help a number of our students during the Mock Interview day. Our students were really buzzing and grateful for the opportunity to practice ahead of real interviews they will undertake next academic year for entry into college’s, sixth form’s and Apprenticeship courses. The feedback they have received is invaluable and the quality and authenticity is not something we could achieve internally, so are reliant on individuals and organisations to generously offer their time. A huge thank you from myself, and all of our Year 10 students”.

Following the Mock-Interview Day, ABP received a couple of comments from the students who took part:

“I found the Mock Interviews to be a good experience for the future as it’s helped me gain confidence in speaking with professionals. Now I know what to do for a real interview in the future. My volunteer was really enthusiastic and keen to help me improve, as well as being really supportive highlighting my strengths and passion in the interview” – Student A.

“I enjoyed the Mock Interview experience because it gave me an insight into the real world. I now feel I will be more confident in an interview environment. The feedback from my interviewer was very help as I now know what to do, and what not to do in future interviews” – Student B.

Riddlesdown ollege

From left to right:
Caroline Knox, Riddlesdown Collegiate, Michelle Dunger, ABP Recruiter, Tim Hoelzer, ABP Account Manager.