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ABP Awarded Social Value Management Certificate

We are proud to announce that Anglian Building Products have been awarded the internationally recognised Social Value Management Certificate.

The Social Value Management Certificate looks at the systems and processes that we have in place for maximising the social value we create.

It is the first recognition of a social value organization, based on an international social value standard that has ever been developed.  


“We are delighted that Anglian has been awarded the Social Value Management Certificate. 

This award highlights the advocacy Anglian portrays as part of our business in demonstrating that business done well can be a ‘force for good’. 

By considering Social Value in our business strategies, including the way we operate, employ staff, engage with communities, procure products and services, we can cultivate a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive society. 

We will be supporting our client relationships with a robust Social Value policy and a commitment to further develop our Social Value Practice in future.” 


Ross St Quintin – Head of Sales & Client Services, Anglian Building Products



If you’d like to learn more about the Social Value Management Certificate from Social Value International visit their website for details. (https://socialvalueuk.org/social-value-certificate/