Making positive changes in your community

Social Value UK

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating and developing strong links with the communities within which we operate, providing a legacy of social, economic and environmental benefits.

We recognise the importance of meeting our Social Value Act and Corporate Social Responsibilities, and have an established track record of supporting sustainable community initiatives. Building open and honest relationships with all of our stakeholders is one of our top priorities.

We are proud to be a member of Social Value UK (SVUK) and have been awarded the internationally recognised Social Value Management Certificate.

Making positive changes in your community

Employment and Training

As a fully accredited Investor in People organisation, we are committed to the continual development of our workforce through strategically delivered training programme.

Our people strategy is at the core of our business values and we are continuing to heavily invest in our programme of people development across the whole spectrum of staff, from junior to the board and from practical on site labour to those involved in technical and management positions.

Anglian Careers
Making positive changes in your community


Anglian invest in our local communities, through Anglian’s National Apprenticeship Programme we offer opportunities either on-site or in our manufacturing facilities or administration and support services. Our current target is to achieve a minimum of 5% apprentices within our workforce.

  • On the job training
  • Funded and recognised qualifications
  • Each apprenticeship typically lasts between 18 and 24 months, and we aim to secure employment for all successful candidates
  • Additional skills support
  • Financial mentoring and practical help

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Religion, belief and faith guide

Equality and Diversity

We understand that effective resident communication is an essential part of the customer experience, and have taken steps to ensure we understand and appreciate the various minority cultures and faith communities.
We recognise the importance of respecting the beliefs of both our customers and employees. We will always aim to schedule works outside of the dates of events and festivals.

The Interfaith Calendar is an important resource within our Resident Liaison toolkit. To view it, click here.

Language Line Solutions is a telephone interpreting and document translation service that can help our project teams communicate with residents more effectively.

The telephone interpreting service is operated every minute of the day in over 150 languages, therefore we should be able to overcome any language barriers.

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Social Value Stories

We are committed to creating and developing strong links with the communities within which we work, providing a legacy of social, economic and environmental benefits. Take a look at some of our latest community projects.

ABP Awarded Social Value Management Certificate


Celebrating 80 years of Social Housing in Northwest Dumfries


Celebrating Apprentice success!


Supporting the Newlon Housing Trust Hardship Fund


Mock-interview preparations for Students at Riddlesdown Collegiate

Making positive changes in your community


Anglian Building Product’s Environmental Management System has been accredited by the British Standards Institute against the requirements of ISO 14001.


Anglian have been recycling both factory waste and 1st generation PVC-U windows for many years. 1st generation is the name for old PVC-U windows which are being replaced.
Whilst the 1st generation frames are normally still functional, the glazing system may be low security and many of the windows are single glazed, also the locking mechanism is often very basic. Our clients have decided to replace them to improve the security and energy efficiency. We will either return these frames back to Norwich for onwards recycling, or work with a local recycling specialist depending on the project logistics.

We use the PVC-U recycled material on a very controlled basis. We use advanced co-extrusion techniques to produce sections with virgin material in critical areas and recycled material elsewhere. The images below show in green where the recycled material is used.

Where do we use recycled material?

The uses are controlled by BS EN ISO 12609. The placement of the recycled material varies depending on the recycled material colour and only window grade materials are allowed back into our products. We use it only in hidden areas, it is often used as a base over which a new PVC-U skin is applied.  Historically this was limited to non-core products and ancillary sections, this has however, been extended to the high running White Knight casement window profiles.