Window adjustments

If the window does not stay in the position that it has been opened to or if it is stiff to move, you can increase or reduce the friction so it will stay put.

Outward-opening casement windows

You can do this by turning the adjuster screw on the hinge (above) clockwise to increase the friction or anticlockwise to reduce the friction.

Tilt and turn windows

If there is a draught around your tilt and turn window, you can adjust the seal pressure around the frame and sash. You can regulate this manually by adjusting the rollers labelled D (above).


There are two types of rollers to adjust. These can both be adjusted by 0.8mm either way.

To adjust with an Allen key – turn the roller using a 4mm Allen key.


Door adjustment

The installers will have set up the door to work correctly. We do not recommend any further adjustment. Hand adjusted – lift the roller with your hand and then turn it. Both the Allen-key adjusted and hand-adjusted rollers have a line on the roller to show the amount of adjustment. When the line is pointing directly outwards, the window is at minimum compression and when it is pointing directly inwards it is at maximum compression.

When the window is adjusted, these should all point in the same direction.