Ventilation and safety chains


The use of vents allows fresh air to enter the home and helps reduce condensation.

Trickle vents

Trickle vents are at the top of the window. To open, slide the vent to the centre of the window.To close, slide the vent back in the opposite direction.Once opened, the vents can be angled up or down to get rid of draughts.

Over-glass vents

The vent is operated by pushing the catch up to open or down to close. To close the vent, push the plastic catch upwards at either end of the vent.On longer glass vents, both ends of the vent shut may need to be clicked shut.

Vent-trex fan

These are sometimes fitted in bathrooms and kitchens. The unit can be used in two ways, as an extractor fan or as a trickle vent.For ventilation, slide the button on the underneath of the unit to open to allow air in. To operate the fan, slide the button on the underneath of the unit and pull the cord, a light will come on. To change the fan speed, pull the cord twice quickly. Pull the cord once to turn the fan off and the light will go out.

Corded vents

Some trickle vents may be fitted with cord controls to make them easy to use.They will be either loose cords – which will need one cord pulled to open and the other cord pulled to close or fitted with a lever to the lower section of the window.When the lever is in the ‘up’ position the vent is closed. When the lever is in the ‘down’ position, the vent is open.

Night ventilation position

Some outward-opening casement windows can be locked in a partially closed position to provide ventilation.Turn the handle 90° to open the window and push it open slightly, leaving a gap for ventilation. Turn the handle down 90° to the closed position to engage the metal locking mechanism within the window frame.


Windows are not secure when in this position.

Safety chain

To use the safety chain

Find the flat metal plate section of the chain and push it through the gap of the plate attached to the door.

To take the safety chain off

The flat metal plate section of the chain is passed through the plate.